The 10-month professional certification-training course called the Clear Seeing Academy™, which is designed to prepare students to be Professional Intuitive Energy Consultants; Medical Intuitive.  Many of Danille Students' have taken the advance training to enhance their careers and further self-development.  For example, Osteopathic Doctors, RN's, Nutritionist, and other professionals who have taken the advance training courses. 

In the 10-month training student's will learned to read, balance both fellow students and guest clients (in person and over the phone), extensive electromagnetic energy systems located within and around one's body, with instructor supervision.

Ms. Font is a talented intuitive counselor. She has shown her medical diagnostic abilities (Intuition Medicine) numerous times with uncanny accuracy. Through meditation and education she is able to improve the health of her clients.
— Dr. Allsworth, M.D., D.O.