Intuitive Development Training

Intuitive Energy Medicine Goes Beyond Traditional Meditation or Mindfulness Practices.


Active Meditation™

Active Meditation Courses™ are designed to heal and maintain one’s own energy space and provide the confidence to create lifestyle changes for optimal health and wellness, while at the same time; elevating creativity and developing intuition.

 Clear Seeing Academy

This intensive 10 month program is designed to prepare students to be Intuitive Energy Consultants; Medical Intuitive's.  Many of Danille’s students have taken the advanced training to enhance their own careers and further self-development.

Graduate Seminars

Graduate seminars are designed for advanced students who have successfully completed both the Active Meditation Series™ and the Clear Seeing Academy™.

eCourses are also Available

Please fill out Contact Information and additional information will be provided for in person, and Internet & Teleconference courses.  Workshops are also available!